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Act IV

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    After quitting the court, Reverend Hale returns to Salem in Act IV.   He wants to beg the prisoners to confess to witchcraft in order to save themselves from the gallows.   You know from reading Act III that Proctor has now also been arrested.  Elizabeth is safe (for now) because she is pregnant, but other respected citizens such as Rebecca Nurse are still scheduled to hang.

    The choice is simple:  confess to being a witch and you are saved; don't confess and you will be hanged.  For most, this is an easy decision, but consider the morals and values of the Puritans.  It would be very difficult for a Puritan to lie about being a witch and to sacrifice her integrity.

    As you read Act IV, complete the attached study guide just to help you with the reading but you are NOT required to turn it in this time.  Once you have finished reading Act IV, use the below self-assessment tool to test your knowledge of Act IV.


    Read The Crucible, Act IV

    I have attached The Crucible as a PDF for you to download. This version gives background for characters and includes lots of stage directions (these tell actors where to go, and how to react) to help us "see" the play better. You may also wish to find it at a local library.


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