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  • Act III

    Court Scene

    In Act III, court is in session, and things are really intense in Salem.  Elizabeth has been arrested for allegedly making a voo-doo doll.   Proctor's only goal is to free his wife and prove that Abigail is a liar in the process.  You will read some very heated questioning from Danforth.  This is where the play gets really hard to put down!

    Proctor needs Mary to tell the truth about Abigail and the rest of the girls if he is going to be able to prove Elizabeth's innocence.   Read Act III to find out if Mary does the right thing, and if Proctor is successful in his efforts to save Elizabeth's life. 

    As you read Act III, complete the attached study guide located to help you with your understanding of the play.

    Read The Crucible, Act III

    I have attached The Crucible as a PDF for you to download. This version gives background for characters and includes lots of stage directions (these tell actors where to go, and how to react) to help us "see" the play better. You may also wish to find it at a local library.
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