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Act II

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  • Act II


    The relationship between John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth is a delicate one.  Obviously, Elizabeth has lost a lot of trust in John, which is shown in the opening lines of Act II.  Notice how cold Elizabeth is towards Proctor and how he responds to her.  Should she just forgive him and move on?  Is Elizabeth's treatment of John understandable considering he cheated on her with Abigail?

    Mary Warren and Reverend Hale become integral characters in the play's plot. Both Mary and Hale have to deal with an internal conflict of their own.  Mary is torn between whether to tell the truth at the trials or whether to protect herself from a possible accusation.  Reverend Hale now believes that the trials have gotten out of hand and starts to believe John Proctor.

    As you read Act II, complete the attached study guide to help you with your understanding of the play. You will turn this in.


    Read The Crucible, Act II

    I have attached The Crucible as a PDF for you to download. This version gives background for characters and includes lots of stage directions (these tell actors where to go, and how to react) to help us "see" the play better. You may also wish to find it at a local library.

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