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Create a Prezi Using Research

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  • Research Assignment

    For this assignment, you will be researching various topics that you will encounter during your reading of "The Crucible" such as Puritan History, McCarthyism, Arthur Miller, and the Salem Witch Trials. You will be using the links provided to assist you with your research. If you would like to use additional sources, that is acceptable, but you will need to create a Works Cited page if you use any resources other than the ones provided for you. You will also be provided with guiding questions to assist you with your research.

    Once you have gathered your research, you will be presenting your material through a Prezi. A Prezi is basically a super charged version of PowerPoint. You will be able to add images, video, or sound to your text to make your Prezi as creative as possible.

    To begin, go to Prezi and create an account. In the future, you will be able to login with your created account information. Once you have created an account, watch the video below for an explanation on creating a Prezi:

    This is where you will create your project. You must include the required information at a minimum. You can add more to your liking or interest!

    Here is the required information you will need to include on your Prezi as well as the websites (click on the titles) to assist you with your research:


    Who were the Puritans?
    What did they believe in?
    Why did they cross the Atlantic?


    Who was Joseph McCarthy?
    Where did the term McCarthyism come from?
    Define anti-communism.

    Arthur Miller

    Where was he born?
    What other literature is he famous for?
    Why did Arthur Miller write a book about the Salem Witch Trials?

    Salem Witch Trials

    What were the Salem Witch Trials?
    List some accused witches.
    Give a brief overview of the procedure of the Salem Witch Trials.

    View the attached rubric to see how you will be graded on this assignment.

    Once you create your Prezi, you can click on "Share" in the top right hand corner and then click "Online presentation." You will be given a web address for your Prezi. You need to save this web address on a word document and submit it here so I can grade your Prezi.

    Check out this sample Prezi project. It's basic but it gives you an idea of where items should go and how it should be laid out.

    Really well done Prezi's will be posted in the class Resource Media Album and we will look over then in our live session!

    ALTERNATIVE to a Prezi:

    If you wish to do the assignment, but would rather make a physical poster board that includes your research, you may do so and turn it in to me while I am at Central or Gateway. YOU MUST TALK TO ME BEFORE doing this.
    Works Cited 08 July 2013