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Vocabulary and Crossword

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  • The Crucible Vocabulary
    Even though this play was written in the 1950s, Arthur Miller is true to the diction and style of the Puritans.  There may be words you don't know as you read.  If you come across words you don't recognize, look them up!

    Below are some of the vocab (and definitions) you will encounter while reading the play.  Learn and study these words.  You can test yourself by completing the crossword below!

    When you have finished the crossword, take a picture of it or a screen shot to submit. (If you need help with a screen shot, let me know!)

    1. Predilection - preference, inclination
    2. Parochial  - limited outlook
    3. Defiled - polluted, made unholy
    4. Injunctions - commands
    5. Deference - polite
    6. Contention - disagreement
    7. Prodigious - amazing and powerful
    8. Ameliorate - improve, make better
    9. Pious - deeply religious, devout
    10. Tainted - sullied, contaminated
    11. Scoffing - expressing contempt, mocking
    12. Base - morally low, dishonorable
    13. Adamant - totally unyielding; firm, ummovable
    14. Rescinded - took back, revoked, canceled
    15. Indictment - a legal accusation charging a person with the commission of a crime

    Vocabulary Self-Assessment

    The Crucible Vocabulary crossword puzzle game » make crossword puzzle
     Remember to submit your screen shot of the completed crossword or take a picture and submit it for this assignment!
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