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Edward Taylor

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  • Edward Taylor and "Huswifery"


    The Puritans are mostly known for their narratives, histories, and journals.  However, there were a couple of poets that emerged during this time period.  One of those poets was Edward Taylor.

    Immediately upon Taylor's arrival to America (around 1668), he entered Harvard University.

    After graduation, he became a minister in the town of Westfield, Massachusetts.  Edward Taylor's poems show us that even the most traditional Puritan could paint a picture in the form of poetry.

    For Taylor, this form of writing was pure worship to the Lord.  His most famous, or most quoted poem, is "Huswifery," which refers to female domestic skill. 

     For the Discussion Assignment to Follow

    As you read the poem, pay close attention to the use of conceit and apostrophe (both key terms!).  How are these literary terms effectively used in the poem?  What do you think the spinning wheel really represents? Take notes as you read to use for the discussion to follow.

    The text of the poem "Huswifery" is attached.  Read it, take notes, and be reading for the discussion to follow! 


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