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Unit Overview

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  • Early American Colonial Literature - An Overview

    Unit Summary

    Native Americans and Puritans greatly contributed to early American literature.  Historical events during this time period had a direct impact on the content and style of what was being written.  Colonial Literature is comprised of myths, narratives, journals, and poetry.

    In this unit, you will read a few examples of Colonial Literature.  "The Earth on Turtle's Back," a Native American myth, explains how the world came into existence, like many other myths of its time.  Puritan poets Edward Taylor and Anne Bradstreet wrote in plain style but contributed some creative literature to a time period that consisted mostly of  narratives and journals.  William Bradford and Olaudah Equiano both recount their tales of their voyage to America (under very different circumstances).  Obviously, there are both similarities and differences between those long trips.  Finally, Jonathan Edwards' sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" served as his attempt to bring Puritans back to God. 

    Different literary features can be used to express complex meanings and if we use different reading strategies, it can help use closely analyze these texts to understand them. Academic register is what we will use through this unit, and the rest of the class, to express that we understand these texts.




    Click the link below to view an audio tutorial on the Puritans and their contribution to American literature.  If this is your first time to the SAS site, you will have to create a log in.  It is easy and free!  Just click Subscribe now! to get started.  Keep track of your login, as you will use it multiple times.

    The Puritans and their Legacy, QL #1266

    Overview of Colonial Literature

    Please view the following presentation which will give you an overview of Colonial Literature.

    Self-Assessment of Key Terms

    Complete the below crossword to test your knowledge of this unit's key terms.  Take a screenshot when you have completed the puzzle; you'll submit it in the next item!
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