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Colonial Literature Introduction

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    Introduction to Colonial Literature

    The United States of America began as a land of voyagers.  Several hundred Native American tribes inhabited the United States long before the Puritans came here seeking religious freedom.  The Native American literature was entirely oral, for these tribes had not yet created a writing system of their own. 

    The New England Puritans played a vital role in shaping American values.  The 17th century Puritans contributed to our country's mission, work ethic, and its moral sensibility.  Along with the Native Americans, the colonists helped to shape the beginning of our literary heritage.

    As we move through the course, we will be exploring mostly American Literature to develop our reading and writing skills as well as addressing the standards.

    Essential Questions Answered in this Unit

    • What kind of literary styles did these early writiers contribute to literature?
    • How did history have an effect on the types of literature being written?
    • How can we use critical reading strategies to analyze a text?
    • How can we use formal register to create an academic persona and how can we use that to convey an understanding of a text?



    Key Terms

    Below, you will find several key terms for this module. Spend time familiarizing yourself with these terms before beginning the lessons in this unit.