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What are Modes?

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  • With your working definition of an essay, now we'll explore the ways that writers use modes in their essays.

    While crafting a piece of writing, authors use various modes.  Using various modes helps writers to write effectively.  The process of writing an essay that employs several modes can be compared to a journey because the author takes the reader through several modes in order to get his/her point across.

    The modes that we'll be examining are as follows:

    Compare and Contrast

    Modes are used in various combinations in most written work. A piece of personal commentary might, for instance, include a vivid description of an overfilled landfill (descriptive mode) before arguing that people should generate less waste (argumentative mode). A feature article might tell the story of a disabled veteran (narrative mode) interwoven with information about new services for the disabled (expository mode). Even a novel, which may create meaning primarily through the story (narrative mode), pauses frequently to include vivid descriptions of setting or steps that a character takes (descriptive mode and procedural mode). Multiple modes are infused throughout nearly every text we read or write. 


    Your job, as a writer, is not only to understand the types of modes that writers use, but to also develop a deep understanding of how modes can help you develop your ideas and reflect on how to revise your writing to make it more effective.  



    Handouts created and generously provided by Bear Creek High School English department.