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What is an Essay?

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    What is an Essay?

    In our class, you will be asked to write some essays. Don't worry, not too many! Just enough to show me your writing. ;) 

    As such, I wanted to go over what an essay is.


    Take a few minutes to review the definitions of an essay.

    What is an essay?

    • An essay is an analytic or interpretative literary composition usually dealing with its subject from a limited or personal point of view. (From Merriam Webster Dictionary)
    • Randy Bomer's definition of an essay says that "In an essay the writer takes the reader on a journey of thought as she or her tries out an idea."

    What are some things you will find in the content of an essay?

    • Real life situations
    • Usually realistic fiction
    • Usually told from the writer's point of view

    What are some text features of an essay?

    • Usually told in first person
    • Can be articles, books, Internet websites, blogs, and magazines
    • Can have lists, bullets when listing ideas

    What are some things we notice when looking at various essays?

    • Some are funny, sad, emotional
    • There is usually a point to be made
    • Seem to be coming from personal experiences

    Possible wonderings...

    • Are there any video essays?
    • Do they all have one focal point?

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