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Note-Catching: The Choice is Yours!

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    Information presented in class through your lessons and reading always contains important concepts that you need in order to master the material (and do well on tests!).  It is very important to not only master the skill of note-taking, but utilize your notes to build reading comprehension and review important material.  The resources on this page will help you develop your notetaking skills and become a better learner.  The key is to develop a system that enables you to connect to and understand new material; in order to understand new material, your notes should help you to review, recite, and reflect upon important concepts.

    Below, you'll find all the options for note-catching in my class.  

    Thinking Maps Templates 

    Thinking Maps Explained

    Thinking Maps Examples

    Cornell Notes

    Frayer Model 

    What Smart Students Know

    Crocodoc (online annotation)

    Sometimes, Always, Never (see document below)