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Using Dialogue

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  • As we have been developing our descriptive narrative writing skills this quarter, I have noticed that many of you like to incorporate dialogue. This is good! It helps develop your characters and helps to show the reader what is happening in your writing.

    Punctuating dialogue can be tricky though, and using dialogue effectively can be as well. Watch the two videos below. The video on the left will show you how to punctuate your dialogue correctly when you are using it. The video on the right will give you suggestions on how to use dialogue effectively, so it is adding to your writing. Take notes on both videos!

    Skim through previous chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, note how dialogue is used. Take note of the dialogue in the chapters you will read next as well, 26-31. Dialogue is used especially well during the trial scenes in the book.

    Imagine the story without dialogue. Would it go anywhere? Would it be as rich and colorful?
    Not at all!