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To Kill a Mockingbird - Starting the Book

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  • As we read To Kill a Mockingbird, you will be required to complete various assignments. These will include answering questions, participating in discussions, or completing some written assignments.

    Each week we will read 2 chapters from the book. I would like us to use a website called Actively Learn in order to read the book. This website allows you to answer questions that I put directly within the book and allows for me to add in some interactive material to help with reading the book. Click the enrollment link to pull up the Actively Learn page to enroll in our class and then watch the video below in order to set up your Actively Learn account.

    English 10 Actively Learn Enrollment

    If you join the class and it has a no class there, click on "Join" in the left hand corner. Then enter the class code:


    After you have set up your account. Please read the first chapter and answer the questions that are within the text. You will let me know you have set up your account and have completed answering the questions in the assignment that follows.