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To Kill a Mockingbird Background

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    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is set in the mid-1930s during the Great Depression. Throughout the decade jobs were scarce, bread lines were long, and movies cost only a nickel—a time that left an indelible impression on the young Harper Lee. Culturally, the swing era, movies, and radio drama were the talk of the nation. Writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald chronicled the lives of the rich and famous, while writers such as John Steinbeck recounted the tale of America’s downtrodden. Women could vote, and the prohibition of alcohol was finally repealed. Government programs such as the Works Progress Administration and Social Security were established. But some things endured even the chaos of economic depression. Jim Crow laws continued to prevent African Americans from enjoying equal rights with other citizens, even if the Old South seemed to be slowly changing.


    Read through the three short pages below by clicking through the presentation, to get more background on the author, as well as the time period the book was written in. I have included them as attachments if you prefer to read them that way as well, or wish to download and keep them. Be prepared to use the information you find in them in the assignment that follows.


    Harper Lee





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