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Using Connotation to Convey an Idea

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  • Connotation is especially important as well, because it not only changes the mood of a piece of writing but it can also change the meaning. Depending on connotation and word choice the meaning of a sentence can change entirely.

    Read the following sentence: The student asked to go to the office.

    This sentence is rather bland, without any vivid language to visualize the scene. Now, take a look at some modifications to the sentence above.

    1. The student demanded to go to the office.

    2. The student begged to go to the office.

    3. The student excitedly asked to go to the office.

    Each of the above sentences makes it easier to visualize what was happening right? Depending on the connotations of the words used, the meaning of the sentence changed as well. 

    When writing, you should expand your word choices so those reading can picture what is going on in their minds and you should use the correct connotation with words to convey the idea you want to express.

    In the following assignment you will practice using appropriate connotation with words to convey an idea and help your reader visualize the action and feeling of a piece of writing.