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Picking a Topic For Argumentative Writing

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  • For your final piece of writing this quarter, you will be required to:

    Write an effective persuasive piece that argues your position on a chosen topic. Support your position with research. Be sure to acknowledge competing views. Give examples from past or current events or issues to illustrate and clarify your position.

    A good argumentative paper will choose a topic that is debatable. Something that is completely factual (ie. "Water is good for you.") or is completely opinion (ie. "Katniss is my favorite character in the Hunger Games because she is interesting.") does NOT make a good argumentative topic.

    So how do you choose an argumentative topic?

    Watch the video below to help you pick the topic you want to write about for your final essay this quarter. Complete the steps the video goes through, but you will not be required to turn these in. However, you may wish to use the steps you complete in the video to help you answer the questions in the discussion to follow. Be prepared to discuss your topic!

    Here is the link to the website mentioned at the end of the video that I strongly suggest using to help you pick a topic:

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