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Creating an Ad (ES 3, 4)

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    For this assignment, you will create a product advertisement.

    You should create an original product, and then design an ad to sell it to the public.

    Below are the requirements:

    1. Write a one-paragraph description of your product.
    This paragraph should discuss the product name, its purpose, its appearance, and why it will be helpful to the public. Use facts and not opinions. It can be a product that is geared for the general public, or a specific group. Your paragraph should be at least ten sentences.This paragraph should be in MLA format, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    2. Create an advertisement for your product.
    You can design an ad in Word, Paint, PowerPoint, or you can design one by hand and scan it into the computer as a picture. You could also use any online tool you find, although you might have to sign up for an account. If you want, you can create your add in the lab with markers, pencils, and paper I give you.

    Items should be in the same document, if possible. If not possible, send what cannot be attached to me in a message.