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Fact vs. Opinion

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  • Fact vs. Opinion:
    To begin, you will need to know the difference between fact and opinion.  Distinguishing between fact and opinion is an important part of any type of writing.  In expository writing (writing to explain) you do not use opinions.  In persuasive writing, you use opinions supported by facts.
    View the video below for an overview of this distinction.  The video was created for English Language Learners, but it gives a very effective overview of the topic. 

    Next, read the article "Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion."  Try the practice exercises at the end of the document.

    Check Your Understanding!
    Are you an expert in distinguishing fact from opinion?  Let's see!  Try out the two quizzes below to see how you measure up. 

    Fact v Opinion Quiz #1

    Fact v Opinion Quiz #2

    Be prepaired to come up with an opinion and support it with a fact.