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Literary Elements: Mood and Tone

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  • Setting, which we discussed in the last lesson, lets us transition into mood and tone very well.


    Setting helps create the atmosphere of the story. The general atmosphere invokes feelings in the reader. So, the general atmosphere of a story that invokes those feelings is mood. In general, tt is the feeling we get as a reader from the story. For example, if the setting is an old, dark, abandoned house then the mood it creates might be one that is scary.


    Tone is a little different. Tone conveys the authors attitude or feelings. We can pick up on this by how the author is writing. For example, if the author is writing with words like "joyous", "bright", or "laughing", then the tone would be happy. Tone can can also help create that atmosphere that leads into mood. However, it's important to note that it doesn't always do this.

    Watch the video to get a better idea on mood and tone. Note: the sound is a little low so be sure to turn up your speakers or use some headphones when listening.