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Claim, Evidence, and Warrant (Or PEA) in Our Writing

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    Claim, evidence, and warrant (or what our school calls point, evidence, and analysis) can greatly impact our writing by allowing us to truly prove to others how we interpret a text.

    Whenever you write an essay that answers a question, or analyzes something, you are using claim, evidence, and warrant because you are trying to prove a point to the reader. Essentially, you are making an argument and supporting it.

    When looking at literature and using claim, evidence, and warrant it is important to note that the evidence you use will always be direct textual evidence from the text you are reading.

    This week we will be focusing on one short story, "Bill" by Zona Gale, and using it to develop our use of claim, evidence, and warrant (or PEA). We will also use "Bill" to examine conflict and convey our ideas on it.