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The Context and Background of Night

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    Context is the circumstances or facts that surround a particular event or situation. Often times when people think of context, they think of the background leading up to an event and what took place after an event to get the full picture or story.

    All of the things that we have looked at that influence perspective (time, place, location, gender, etc.) are part of context.

    Click through the Prezi to the right to get a brief overview of the context of Night. Take notes as you will use them in the assignment that follows!



    Now that you have gotten a little background on the book itself and the author, let's examine the context of the events surrounding the book.

    Watch the videos to the left. As you watch take notes and pull specific evidence from the videos on the following:

    • What motivated Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party?

    • What conflicts did Hitler and the Nazi Party create on their quest for power?

    • How did the Jewish population lose power?

    • Using evidence from the videos, what are some impacts of power on people and society as a whole?