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Factors That Influence Author's Perspective

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  • Examine the picture below and imagine that the two women are writers:


    This picture shows how different perspective can be. Why?

    The women come from different cultural backgrounds, and this influences the perspective they will have. If they were writing about women's issues, you could see this coming out in their writing by looking at their language.

    What influences perspective?

    Many factors affect authors’ perspectives. These can include age, gender, geographic location, ethnicity, cultural experiences, religious experiences, social standing, personal wealth, sexuality, political beliefs, parents, peers, level of education, personal experience, time period, and others. All of these are powerful influences on what authors assume about the world, who their audiences are, what and how they communicate, and the settings in which they communicate.

    Time period, location, gender, ethnicity, cultural experiences, and wealth factors are especially important factors that influence an author's perspective.


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