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14.4 Climate Change Research Project

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  • Task: Write a 2 page paper (typed, double spaced, 12 point font) that explains the issues related to global warming and your opinion about it.  (Worth 100 points)


    The paper should include the following sections

    1.  Introduction: What is global warming/climate change?  How does it work?  What human activities are causing global warming?  What are the dangers associated with global warming?  In other words why do we care if the world warms?
    2. What scientific evidence supports or contradicts the idea of global warming?  Has the climate actually warmed?  Have sea levels risen?  Have CO2 levels increased.  Does more COcause an increase in global temperature?  Have glaciers decreased?
    3. Based on your research, what do you think about global warming? Is it really happening?    Back up your opinion with scientific evidence.
    4. Conclusion: What should be done about it?  How can local power plants reduce?  How can Americans reduce?  What are sustainable practices that would decrease the rate at which global-warming  is occurring.
    5. Bibliography: You need to have at least 3 sources in proper format.  Global warming is a controversial issue.  Read lots of websites/articles.  Become the expert.  Know who is publishing the web site or article you are reading.  Do they have “agenda?”  If so you may want to look elsewhere.  Anyone can write their opinion online.  The question is whether their opinion is backed up by verifiable evidence. 


    You may want to READ the following sites to get your research started. 

    Union of Concerned Scientist -

    United States Environmental Protection Agency -

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -

    NASA -
















    This assignment is worth 100 points.  There are 10 points possible for each of the four categories.  The final score will extrapolated to figure the 100 point total. 

    So, for example if a student earned all 10 points for each of the four categories they would get a 40/40 or 100% (100 pts).  If the student earned 8 points for each of the four categories they would get a 32/40 or 80% (80 pts).