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Weather Factors 101

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    Watch the video
    • List the four weather factors.
    • How does each factor influence the weather?
    • How is wind produced?
    • What is the difference between weather and climate?
    Watch the video
    • Write the steps of how a cloud is made. Use the following concepts correctly: pressure, temperature, differential heating, nucleus, insolation, atmosphere, energy, molecules.
    • Remember how ash gets blown into the atmosphere after a volcanic eruption? What would this do the weather?
    Read through the website
    • What forces influence the weather?
    Read throught the website
    • What does the term “insolation” mean?
    • What is responsible for seasonal variations in insolation?
    • Explain the concept of daily changes in isolation. What time during the day are the Sun’s rays:
    • Most concentrated?
    • Least concentrated?
    • What is the “angle of insolation” and how does it affect the daily temperature on Earth?
    • The tilt of the Earth creates two changes in the amount of insolation, describe them.
    • Describe what happens to the Sun’s energy as it reaches the Earth. Be very specific and use the percentages listed.
    • What happens to high energy radiation (gamma rays, x-rays, and ultra-violet) as it enters Earth’s atmosphere?
    • The majority of electromagnetic energy that strikes the Earth is in what form?
    • What factors determine whether light will be reflected or absorbed?
    • Why does water tend to warm up slower and cool down slower than land? How would this help explain why coastal areas generally have less variation in daily temperature?
    • Click on the link to the quiz on the lower left side of the page. Take the quiz.