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Weathering and Erosion 101

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    Read about weathering and erosion and watch this video
    • Define weathering.
    • Define erosion.
    • Compare and contrast weathering and erosion.
    • Describe the difference between physical and chemical weathering.
    • How does weathering impact each of earth's spheres?
    Watch this video
    • List some examples of weathering and erosion.
    Work through the interactive
    • Define and provide examples of physical, chemical and biological weathering.
    • Define and provide examples of the mechanisms of erosion: gravity, wind, ice and water.
     Work through this interactive 
    • How would controlling slope of the land control erosion?
    • What other benefits would there be from controlling slope?
    • What might the consequences be?
    Work through this interactive
    • How can ice crack rock?

     Complete the Venn Diagram attached to compare and contrast weathering and erosion.