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Continental Drift 101

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    Read about evidence for Pangaea and how the theory came together
    • What evidence is used to determine the supercontinents existed?
    • Describe the evidence found on the seafloor.
    See how Wegener put a puzzle together
    • How did Wegener contribute to a new idea on science?
    Read about how science dismissed Wegener's hypothesis and then later accepted it using new evidence. 
    • Why was Wegener's idea dismissed?
    • Why was Wegener's idea finally accepted?
    Read about tectonic plates
    • What is a tectonic plate?
    • Where can they be found?
    • What are they made of?
    • How large are they?
    Why do the plates move?
    • Describe convection.
    • Describe "ridge push - slab pull".