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Star Death 101

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    Read about the death of stars
    • What do average stars evolve to?
    • Explain the difference between novae and supernovae.
    • What type of stars become novae?
    • What might happen to a star after a supernovae?
    • Describe neutron stars. Why do some spin?
    • How is a dead star like a Phoenix (the mythological bird that rises from the ashes)?
    Watch the video
    • Describe a neutron star. 
    • Describe a black hole. Why is it "black"?
    • Describe a supernova explosion. How powerful are they?
    • Why does a star's mass determine it's death?
    Read about the dispersion of elements
    • How are heavy elements created? 
    • Describe the process of creating elements inside of a star and during a supernova. 
    Review the HR Diagram