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5.2 Black Holes Tutorial

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  • 1. Watch the documentary Through the Wormhole.

    a. Write a list of the 10 most important facts you found in the video. 

    2. Explore the Black Holes Module

    a. Read the background information and begin your voyage. Which object did you choose to travel to?

    b. Inside the cockpit, you must choose Earth's escape velocity. What speed is it?

    c. How much more energy is required to power your spacecraft to get to your chosen object?

    d. Sketch the supermassive black hole that you arrive at. Label the jet, accretion disk, event horizon and black hole itself. 

    e. Click "show questions and experiments" to arrive at the "Up Close and Personal" section of this module. Choose 5 questions. List each question and it's answer.

    f. Choose 3 experiments. List the experiment title, what you did in the experiment and the outcome.