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4.4 Begin Your Star Story

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  • You have been learning about the birth of stars. In the next session we will explore the death of stars. The star life cycle can be thought of like a human life cycle. 

    For this project, your task is to write a digital life story of a star. You may choose a low mass or high mass star. You will need the content in nest week's session to complete your story. For now, submit the following:

    1. Choose a low or high mass star. Give him or her a name.

    2. Begin writing out some characteristics of your star such as temperature, color, mass, brightness, location on the HR Diagram, OBAFGKM classification and perhaps it's location in the universe.

    3. Choose a digital tool in which to write your story. Create a free account and play around with the tool so that you are familiar with how it works. Some options include StorybirdZooburst or Comic Master.