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Star Birth 101

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    Watch the video on nebulae

    Where do new stars form?

    What are nebulae made out of?

    How do nebulae form stars?

    Read about Protostars

    How does a protostar form?

    How is a protostar like a fetus?

    What could the next step after a protostar be?

    Watch this video on T-Tauri stars How does the density of these stars compare to other stars?
    Read abut Main Sequence stars

    How does a star age like a person?

    Which hypothesis did you choose? Why?

    Read about stellar equilibrium

    At this stage, what fuel does the star burn?

    What process is happening in the center of the star?

    From the equilibrium interactive: how are pressure, gravity and temperature related in a star?

    Did you take the practice quiz?