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1.5 Observatories Project

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  • Below are some of the most well known observatories. Choose one as a focus for this project:

    Space Observatory Wavelength
    Very Large Array Radio 
    Arecibo Radio 
    Spitzer Infrared 
    SOFIA Infrared 
    Cosmic Background Explorer Microwave 
    Wilkinson Microwave 
    Hubble Visible 
    GALEX Ultraviolet 
    FUSE Ultraviolet 
    Chandra X-ray




    Research your obeservatory. Some sites to get your started are here:


    Create a presentation in Prezi or Google Slides. Your presentation should include the following information:

    • Type of wave (light) your observatory can see. Include a picture of the electromagnetic spectrum with your wavelength highlighted, circled or otherwise pointed out.
    • Date of launch and expected end date.
    • Information how we use this wavelength on earth, perhaps in our daily lives. 
    • At least 5 major discoveries that your space observatory has made. 
    • At least 3 reasons why your space observatory is unique.
    • Pictures! We want to see your space observatory and some of the pictures it has generated. 
    • Sources and credits: if you used pictures from the Internet, provide the web address


    Share the public link with your teacher by pasting it in the dropbox.