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Discussion Guidelines

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  • Participation in the discussion forums is critical for maximizing your learning experiences in all online courses. This online community of learners will collectively interact, through discussion, to enhance and support the professional performance of each other. 

    Here are some guidelines you should follow:

    • You should submit your initial post(s) early in the session, and your subsequent responses to the posts of other learners at timely intervals within the duration of the session.
    • Your posts and responses should be thorough and thoughtful. Just posting an "I agree" or "Good ideas" will not be considered adequate. Support your statement with examples, experiences, or references. You are, however, encouraged to be brief - keep each post and response to one or two short paragraphs. Keep in mind that your fellow learners will be reading and responding to you, too.
    • Make certain that in all your posts and responses you address the question, problem, or situation as presented for discussion. This does not mean you should not extend the topic, but do not stray from the topic.
    • Discussions occur when there is dialogue. So, build upon the posts and responses of other learners to create discussion threads. Make sure you revisit the discussion forum and respond (if necessary) to what other learners have posted to your initial responses.
    • When relevant, add to the discussion by including prior knowledge, work experiences, references, Web sites, resources, etc. (giving credit when appropriate).