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  • So, now that you have your fancy-schmancy account, it's time to start learning some code.  This is going to look very familiar to most of you, what with it looking quite a bit like Scratch.  Yaay for familiarity!

    You're going to get into the site and start the tutorials here:

    After you've signed in, you should see your progress on the page.  For this assignment, I want you to complete Stage 1 (which is just a video) and Stage 2 (Angry Birds).  

    I'll know that you're finished because you will have attached your account to mine (see 5.01 if you didn't do that), and I can check your progress!  

    Objective: Complete Stages 1 & 2 in


    1. Sign in to
    2. Complete Stage 1 and Stage 2
    3. Respond to the prompt in the Discussion Board