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  • So, there are a lot of people out there who are concerned that you might not be getting into Computer Science because you think it's too hard.  That might be because you're female, and Computer Science hasn't traditionally been geared toward attracting females.  That might be because you're American, and are therefore spoiled and lazy.  That might be for a lot of reasons that no one can even figure out. 

    Well, lucky for you, many of these people have come together and created something that promotes coding to young people, breaking it down in interactive ways for you youngsters to understand. is that wonderful something, and we're going to start using it this week.

    For your first assignment, you will sign up for a account. You will also need to connect to my virtual class using the following code: INSERT CODE

    When you're done, respond to the writing prompt in the discussion board.

    Objective: Create a account and connect to my class


    1. Visit and sign up for an account
    2. Connect your account to our virtual classroom using the code: INSERT CODE
    3. Respond to the prompt in the discussion board