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  • There are all these cool little animations and games out there on the Scratch site...  Let's steal someone else's ideas and coding!

    Actually, no.  Scratch was made all "creative commons" -like so that it's easy to "Remix" someone else's work.  This is so you can improve on their design, so you can learn from what they've done, and so that more product can get pushed out there to the users.  Way to go MIT!

    Your're going to find something you like on Scratch and Remix it, making at least three changes to the code.

    Objective: Create a Remix in Scratch and post the published URL to the Discussion Board.


    1. Log in to Scratch
    2. Find a project on the Scratch site that you like and would like to tweak
    3. Click the "Remix" button at the top-right of the screen
    4. Make your changes to the code (at least 3!)
    5. Publish your work
    6. Test your work
    7. Post the URL of the original and your Remix in the Discussion Board (mark which one is the original and which one is the remix)
    8. Write the changes you made in the post (at least three)