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Make a Story

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  • So, you've made a simple game.  Now it's time to make a simple story!  You're going to follow the same steps as 13.01, but you're going to focus on the "Make a Story" video on the help page this time:

    Your story must containg AT LEAST:

    1. Two characters (sprites) - it can have more if you want
    2. Two settings - it can have more if you want
    3. Four lines of dialogue - more if you want
    4. Dialogue must be in complete sentences with proper spelling and punctuation
    5. Weird is good, but not so weird that the audience doesn't know what's going on

    Objective: Create a story following the directions in the video and post the URL in the discussion board.


    1. Watch the "Make a Story" video
    2. Create your own story (see minimum requirements in the list above)
    3. Publish your story
    4. Test it out!
    5. Post your story in the Discussion Board