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Make a Simple Game

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  • So, most people seem to be getting the hang of this whole "Scratch" thing.  If you need a quick refresher go ahead and look through the basic tutorial videos on this page:

    But I'm assuming you're good to go.  What I want you to do for our first project this week is to go to the Help Videos page, watch the video on making a simple game (called Make a Simple Game) and try to do something just like it.  Your final game can be a little different, but I want:

    1. One sprite controlled by the user (you can make your own, choose something different, etc)
    2. At least one "bad guy" or enemy sprite that you have to avoid
    3. A goal that the user must get to
    4. If the user runs into the bad guy, the game starts over (with or without the green flag, either way)
    5. If you want to add extra stuff (lasers, mazes, etc), go ahead!

    Objective: Follow the "Make a Simple Game" steps and post the published URL to the Discussion Board.


    1. Watch "Make a Simple Game"
    2. Create your game (see the list above for the expectations)
    3. Test your game
    4. Publish your game
    5. Post the link in the Discussion Board