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    In order to create a video game you need to use game development software. For this course, you will be using a program called Scratch. Why Scratch you ask?

    First, Scratch was designed by computer scientist at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston) to be an easy tool to introduce software development. When you are learning about designing video games you don't want to take too much time figuring out how to put your game in to a computer. And, the developers at MIT figured out a great way to make putting together computer programs easy and fun. 

    Second, Scratch makes use of good programming and design principles, so that if you decide to take more courses in game design and computer programming, you will have a good foundation for how programs are structured. 

    Third, while Scratch is easy to use it also is quite powerful. Scratch can do quite a bit without too much effort. You have the capability of creating some truly amazing games and effects in Scratch. 

    You don't believe it. Well, check out these videos about Scratch. You will be using the newer 2.0 version of the program online, so there's no need to download it (unless you really really want to).

    Objective: Create a Scratch account online and paste the URL for your profile in the Discussion Board.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Scratch page ( and create a new account.

    2. Make sure you're using an Alias instead of your real name.

    3. Make sure you're going to remember your account info (write it down if you have to).

    4. Go to your profile page and paste the URL in the Discussion Board.