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Basic Layering

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  • Sometimes, you might just need to add a little something-something to your website.  People like pictures, and I've heard they may even be able to speak a thousand words or so.

    Not everything you want is going to be available on the internet, either.  Sometimes, you need to make your own product (it's a lot more legal to do that instead of using other people's work, too).  

    So, without further ado, here is the first in a series of lessons on using Pixlr ( an online graphic design tool that's pretty awesome for being free.

    Objective: Use Pixlr's layers to add something from one image to another image.


    1. Find two images you'd like to combine (one for the background, one for the element you want to add to the background) and save them to your computer
    2. Go to and select "Pixlr Editor"
    3. Select "Open Image From My Computer" and open both images
    4. Select the element you want to add with the select tool and copy it
    5. Go to the background image and paste the element
    6. Resize / Move / Erase until it's the way you want it to be
    7. Save the image
    8. Upload the image to the Discussion Board