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  • A lot of good sites out there use banners at the tops of their pages to make it easy for the user to quickly identify the name of the page, what the page is about, or any other important info.  There are a number of ways to make banners, but we're going to use an easy online tool called BannerFans.

    It's pretty simple to use, so dive right in!  

    You're going to create a banner for your index page.  It could be serious or silly.  Make sure it doesn't give out any personal details about you!

    When you're done, save your banner to your computer, put it into your images folder (if you don't have an images folder inside of your public_html folder yet, do that now!), add it to your index, and get it on the web!


    1. Create a banner for your index page at BannerFans
    2. Download the banner to your computer and put it in your "images" folder inside of your public_html folder
    3. Add it to your index
    4. Save the index
    5. Upload the banner AND index to your site
    6. Post the URL to the Discussion Board