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Index Revisited

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  • Now that you kind of get how Kompozer works, I want you to remake your index so that it acts as an actual index.  What that means is that your index should list all of the wonderful things you've got on your website.  

    For this assignment, you'll need to think about what you want your index to look and feel like, and you'll need to start making that happen!

    Your index should start linking to all of the files you've got, so make sure it has links to page1.html and page2.html!


    1. Open your index.html file in Kompozer
    2. Delete / resize / edit / recolor / whatever you want to make your index awesome
    3. Create links to page1.html and page2.html
    4. Remember: Your index shouldn't be so busy that people can't navigate or find important information!
    5. Save your index
    6. Upload it to your site
    7. Post the URL in the Discussion Board