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Cinderella 1

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  • Before you do anything, go to your public_html folder and create another folder inside called "daily"

    For this assignment. You need to use Kompozer to create a new .html page.

    For this assignment, your page title can be whatever you'd like, so make sure you type this in Kompozer when it asks. Remember: page names or titles may have spaces, but file names cannot!.

    Writing Prompt: All of you probably know what happened in that mushy fairy tale, Cinderella. Yeah, it's romantic, the prince actually finding Cinderella. They lived happily ever after. But happy endings can sometimes be, well.....boring. So predictable. What if the glass slipper fit someone else? What happens then? Play with your imagination here. Be funny, or serious (as long as it is school appropriate), and write your ending to the Cinderella story.

    You must write a minimum of three paragraphs. If you do not know the story of Cinderella - you will need to message me for approval of an alternate topic. 

    When finished save this page as page1.html inside of your daily folder.


    1. Create a "daily" folder in your "public_html" folder
    2. Open Kompozer and begin working on a new file
    3. Create an h1 title on your page ("Cinderella" or "Cinderella's Alternate Ending" or whatever)
    4. Answer the prompt on the page, writing in "body text" or "paragraph" font
    5. Save the page as "page1.html" (remember, the title can be whatever)
    6. Upload the page to your site
    7. Paste the URL in the Discussion Board