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Organizing Files

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  • The way you organize your files, both on your computer on on the internet, has a huge amount of importance. When you're linking pages or images or anything else online, you have to get the name and location just right or it won't work.  Your browser won't be all, like, "Oh, I know what you mean!" or "That was close enough" when it's looking for something.  And that can be annoying as heck.

    So, what I mean is, let's pretend we have a picture called "me.jpg" that we want to add to a website.  If I don't get the address just right and the name just right, I end up with a broken jpg thingy... Like this:

    In this case, it's because the page is looking for the image in a folder, but the image isn't there.

    So, make sure you're being careful about the location and names of any files you're linking!  If something isn't working, check the location and name!

    Objective: Watch the video on this page and take the quiz on the next page.  You should also create a folder on your computer somewhere (in a semi-permanent location) called "public_html" that you'll use from now on for your website files.