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  • So far, we've been doing a lot of "virtual" webpages using Codeacademy's online tools.  That's all fine and good, but we should probably start moving to actual html files this week.  Y'know, the stuff that you can really take and put on the interwebs (yes, I know that's not a real word, but it's still fun to say).

    Most programs have a lot of extra code in them when you create a file. If I were to use something like Word to write html code, and if I took the file and put it on the internet, it would have all of this silly Word code in there with my html, and things would look pretty nasty.

    So, for this assignment, I want you to start getting used to text editors.

    Objective: Open Notepad (PC) or Textedit (Mac) on your computer, create a basic webpage using code you've learned so far, save it as an .html document, and upload it to the Discussion Board.  Your file must include:

    <!DOCTYPE html>








     - Notepad (for PC)












     - Textedit (for Mac)