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HTML Basics

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  • Now that you have a Codeacademy account, I want you to get in there and start learning.  Your next task is to begin coding through the lovely lessons they have available on the site.  You'll start with this one:

    For 2.02, you will go through the first secion of "Introduction to HTML" lessons covering HTML Basics. There are 13 pages for this section, but they're explained very well, and I'm quite confident you should be able to handle them!  

    When you're done going through the lessons, I want you to copy the code from the 12th activity into a "Codebit" and share that URL with the class in the Discussion Board on the next page.

    Make Sure You're Logged In!

    Objective: Complete the HTML Basics lessons and copy your 12th activity code to a Codebit.  Paste the URL for that Codebit in the Discussion Board.