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  • Let's start off with a bit of web coding, shall we?  Once we get a handle on this whole "building webpages" thing, we'll have a place to show off our other work (i.e. a place to put your graphic design work).  Plus, it's kinda fun to just be able to build your own websites and whatnot, right?

    OK, so step one in this first...  step...  is to sign up for a website called Codeacademy (  It's free. Woot woot!  What's there not to like?

    Codeacademy is a great site that teaches you how to do html, css, and javascript in a pretty straightforward way, and it's how I want you guys to start learning how websites work.

    Objective: Sign up for a Codeacademy account and post your user profile URL in the discussion board on the next page.