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Dream Job - Career Research Project

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    For your last presentation you can return to the Dream job you wrote about earlier in this course - or you can research a new career. 

    Use the following questions to help guide your research - plan on a slide per question in your presentation:

    1. What career did you choose?
    2. What are the significant points of the career?
    3. What are the working conditions?
    4. What type training is required?
    5. What are the qualifications?
    6. What is the job outlook (future)?
    7. What is the salary range?
    8. What are related occupations?
    9. How far can you advance in this career?
    10. If there are specialty careers within this field, what are they?
    11. Provide sources of research ( At least 5 reputable websites) Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc. are NOT websites to use.
    12. Why are you interested in this career?
      1. List at least 3 of the skills that you have that are related to this career.
    13. What are the top colleges that are ranked in this career?
    14. Why does this career appeal to you?