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13.03 Powerful PowerPoint

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  • We will end the first week of multimedia assignments with a short assignment on creating a Powerful PowerPoint.

    You are to make a short PowerPoint presentation that is impactful and has a message.

    Use The Girl Effect video presentation as inspiration. This is a simple, yet powerful presentation. Its message is clear and to the point. The technology to create it was simple, a PowerPoint presentation with effectively timed transitions and some well chosen animation. The requirments for your Powerful PowerPoint are below the video.

    Your presentation must: 

    • be at least 5 slides long
    • contain at least 2 animations
    • contain compelling content
    • have appropriately chosend and timed transitions
    • have the last slide be your credits slide - givecredit to the author of the text and give credit to yourself for the animation. If you had music give credit for that as well

    Ideas for compelling content: 

    • a famous quote
    • a not-so-famous quote
    • lyrics from a song
    • words from a poem - Maya Angelou, e.e. cummings, Emily Dickinson, the Beatles, Ghandi, etc.
    • your own compelling content

    Your Presentation Can: 

    • Incllude audio for the entire presentation or just one slide
    • include complementary images or icons