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10.03 Itinerary

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  • An itinerary will help the traveler plan the major activities of the vacation and on which day they will occur.  The itinerary should be in chronological order from departure to return. 

    It should include

    • times
    • hotels
    • 5 activities
    • location
    • mode of transportation, etc.  Format the itinerary appropriately.  A table may be used and appropriate margins (1”); font style and size should be addressed.  Use auto-formatting, draw, or graphics to enhance the document. 

    Example Itinerary: this is only a partial day

    Day 1 – February 23, 2007

      • 7:00 am –  Breakfast
      • 10:00am – ScienceMuseum
      • 1:00 pm – Lunch at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame