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Vacation Time

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    Vacation time has arrived! 

    You are going on a vacation to:___________________for __________ weeks.  You have a maximum of $4,000 to spend.  Select a vacation location (large theme parks such as Disney World, Six  Flags, Cedar Point, etc. are excluded).  You can choose anywhere in the world except for the above.  You cannot spend more than the $4,000.  This includes spending money.  

    Begin by completing the following research on your location:

    1. Transportation - to and from as well as while you're there
    2. Lodging
    3. Food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day at a variet of different restaurants)
    4. Entertainment (minimum of one activity per day)
    5. Miscellaneous (snacks, souvenirs, phone, etc)

    You will be turning in several documents for this assignment on the next few pages - so keep the results of your research handy! You can copy and paste information you find for this research, you will be turning it in later as your reference page.